Private Investigator Cost in Melbourne

Private Investigator Cost in Melbourne


The cost of a private investigator in Melbourne is really not that expensive when you compare the value of the information that they can gather for you.

Private Investigators, like any other profession, charge by the hour, but since they are skilled they can usually get the job done in half the time that you would expect. There may also be some costs necessary for the private investigator to do their job such as parking expenses or meal expenses if they need to attend a restaurant or social situation. This is required in order for them to blend in to a crowd and seem like an everyday person.

A normal investigation can be completed within around 3-4 hours with more complex operations extending to a full day or multiple days. But you will be kept up to date throughout the investigation so you know how much you are likely to spend.

However the value of the video and photographic evidence you will obtain can be priceless and well worth the expense.

Our office can tailor an investigation to suit your budget once we know the scope of the investigation and what you hope to achieve.