Recording Device

Recording Device

This recording device is perfect for recording conversations in three easy modes:

  • Voice Activation Mode
  • At set times of the day
  • Continuous recording

It is very easy to use by simply switching it on. It will then automatically record in the setting you have chosen. To play back the recorded files, simply plug it into a USB port on your computer, accessing the files the same as any normal USB device. For added security you can also choose to have a password to open the file.



    • Miniature size
    • Password protection
    • 3 recording modes
    • 12 metres recording distance
    • 150 hours recording time
    • 400 hour battery life in VAM
    • 50 month battery life in standby


Our Recording Device is just one of our wider range of spy surveillance equipment. For those looking for video recording solutions, we have reliable and discrete options for you to choose from. Our Phone Charger Hidden Camera is a solution that is perfect for those looking to gain a wide video recording angle while hiding their camera in plain sight.

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