Do you want to spy on your husband, wife, partner? Think they might be cheating? Track your partner and confirm your suspicions immediately with our great range of spy products hand-picked by Melbourne Private Investigations.

It is a painful experience to learn that your partner is cheating but it is money well spent on spy products to find out these hard truths. The use of Spy Products can put you in a strong position when it comes to confronting your partner about their commitment to your relationship and our online store makes them easy to find.

We recommend the use of GPS Trackers, Voice Recorders, Listening Devices and Hidden Camera’s which can all be used legally to gather important information.  All our spy equipment from our Spy Shop Melbourne are small, discreet and simple to use. Our phone monitoring spyware and computer software are easy to download and use and is the easiest spy software products in Australia. This software is undetectable and is compatible with most phones and computers.

With the use of our high-quality spy products you can get you the answers your need to investigate your cheating spouse.  We are available now to talk to you about your situation and can make recommendations on which spy equipment suits you.  Simply call us and we can discuss our recommendations over the phone.


Hiring a private investigator is the first step, but state-of-the-art spy equipment is the most sure-fire way to get to the truth. At Melbourne PI, we offer our customers with the best in discrete spy technology. Our range of spy recording devices includes hidden voice recorders, hidden spy cameras and more.

If you have had suspicions, and just need a way to get to the truth hire a Melbourne PI and make use of our state-of-the-art spy recording devices.

Catch suspicious people in the act with leading edge spy equipment

It’s not only spouses that can be dishonest in the home either. Do you suspect your cleaner/nanny/gardener of stealing or taking advantage of your home? By taking advantage of our state-of-the-art home spy products you can secure your home against external threats and catch thief’s and wrong doers in the act. Browse our online Melbourne store and shop for products that will change your life, save you money and give you peace of mind.

Our advanced spy products from our Spy Shop VIC can be yours today and you can be using them tomorrow to obtain the information that will help you uncover the truth. If you need additional help from a private detective, our team can help. Our range of services can complement your new spyware to make sure you leave no clue unseen. Find out how we can help or contact us on 1300 416 730 for swift action.

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